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For over 2 decades, we have delivered top-tier CAD and GIS-based engineering design and drafting services to clients worldwide. Our commitment to quality, turnaround, and overall client satisfaction ensures that the project deliveries exceed expectations. We consistently stay ahead of the curve, ensuring our services remain current, innovative, and fully digital. Partner with us to achieve excellence in every project.

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CAD Services

We provide a wide range of CAD services, including CAD Conversion, 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling with our focus on varied industries:

  • Solar Design Services
  • Roofing Reports and Exterior Measurements
  • EVCS Plan Sets and Energy Modeling
  • CAFM, Evacuation Plans, UFHC layouts

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GIS Services

Leading GIS services & spatial data solutions provider offering extensive range of GIS services including Data mapping & processing, Custom geospatial services and solutions, Geocoding & Geoprocessing.

  • FTTH / FTTx Network Design Services
  • Telecom A&E Design & Drafting Services
  • Drone Mapping (Aerial, POI capturing, Road Navigation)
  • Utility Mapping (Gas, Sewer, Electrical, …)

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Business Support Services

Services encompass IT / ITeS, Staffing Solutions, Contact Center Operations, and Workflow Management. We empower organizations to streamline operations and optimize performance across all sectors.

  • Workflow Management
  • Customer Contact Center
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Software and App Development Teams

Our CAD Based Specialized Services

Tailored CAD solutions for precise drafting, 3D modeling, visualization, and regulatory compliance.


Success Stories

Experience our service's impact from our customers' perspective: genuine tales of achievement, contentment, and change that resonate with the essence of what we offer. Discover through their voices our commitment to excellence, how we've played a pivotal role in their journeys.


Cameron S.

  • Head of Sales Operations

Christopher C.

  • Director, Design Engineering

Nicholas S.

  • Self Employed

Josalyn F.

  • Design Lead

Jason L.

  • Director Corporate Business Development


  • architect

Our Valued Customers

Partnerships that drive our success: a diverse community of esteemed clients whose visions and achievements inspire our journey forward


Why choose DIN?

For over two decades, DIN has stood as a leading engineering CAD design and drafting service provider, delivering world-class, multi-disciplinary solutions across various platforms to a global clientele. Our partners gain strategic advantages through competitive offshore pricing, rapid scalability for seizing new business opportunities, and minimized expansion risks, all of which culminate in improved productivity and an enhanced bottom line. Meanwhile, our team thrives in an outstanding work environment, benefiting from employee stock ownership plans and ample opportunities for professional development.

Boost efficiency

Transform complex operational challenges into streamlined processes that boost efficiency, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-value.

Strategic agility

Achieve rapid movement and smart scaling. Our trained workforce eliminates the necessity for additional hiring, delays, or operational overheads, enabling leaner and agile operations.

Guaranteed quality and turnaround

Delivery as per the service level definition. Quality assurance teams, comprehensive checklists, and regular quality scorecards.


Our Employee Stock Option Plans empower our workforce with a sense of ownership and motivation, fostering a continuous drive for excellence and growth.

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