Why Partner with DIN

At DIN, our adaptable engagement frameworks allow us to provide tailored outsourcing solutions that
consistently surpass client expectations, contributing significantly to their journey towards success.

Enterprise Scale

Set your business to scale rapidly

Technical Expertise

Access to Dedicated, Trained and Large Workforce

Extended Design Arm

White Labelled Service Delivery using your tools and Workflows

Cost Efficient

40% Lower Design Cost

Our Approach to the Engagement Process

Tailored Services, Performance Driven.

Customized services using customer tools and workflows.

100% SLA Driven performance. Quality scorecards.

Adapting quickly to changes in scope or strategy to meet evolving customer requirement

Deploying specialized teams with the expertise to manage and deliver varied scoped of work.


At DIN, our engagement models are customized to meet unique client needs—ranging from project-based efforts and dedicated teams to tailored workflows and our strategic BOT model for excellence.

DIN 's Project-Based Engagement model is tailored for clients seeking focused, efficient solutions for specific projects. This model is perfect for businesses looking to leverage external expertise without the commitment of a long-term partnership, allowing for flexibility, specialized skills access, and targeted problem-solving.

Expert Teams

Access to specialized skills and deep industry knowledge for top-quality project outcomes.

Adaptive Scaling

We adapt to your workflow and tools and scale up to meet the business requirement.

Strategic Focus

Improve work quality & productivity by outsourcing your back-end tasks to our scalable offshore team.

Cost Effectiveness

40% Lower Design cost. Negotiated pricing basis the committed volume & scale up.

DIN’s Dedicated Team setup enhances your capabilities with a fully-managed, results-driven offshore team that integrates seamlessly as an extension of your workforce.

Seamless Integration

Dedicated teams that integrate smoothly with your operations as if part of your own office.

Dedicated Resources

Exclusive access to professionals solely focused on your projects and deadlines.

Cost Efficiency

Economically scale your workforce without the added costs of new infrastructure or training.

Flexibility and Control

Full control over project management with the flexibility to adjust priorities to match your business goals.

DIN provides tailored workflows that optimize your operations and align with specific business needs. This model enhances efficiency, productivity, and performance, and can also be offered as a White Label service to seamlessly integrate with your brand.

Tailored Services

Specifically designed to meet your unique business requirements, ensuring optimal integration and functionality.

Increased Productivity

Streamlined processes lead to enhanced workflow efficiency, allowing your team to achieve more in less time.

Integrated Solutions

Our approach ensures that the developed workflows integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and minimizing disruption to your operations.

Extended Arm

Available as a White Label service, enabling seamless brand integration and a consistent customer experience.

DIN offers a streamlined BOT model for risk-free, efficient operational scaling. We establish, manage, and then transfer the operations to you, promoting rapid growth and early excellence.

Risk Reduction

Minimizes operational and financial risks by leveraging DIN's proven expertise in establishing and managing projects.

Accelerated Time to Market

Accelerates setup and operational phases, enabling faster market entry and competitive advantage.

Operational Excellence

Ensures high-quality management during the 'Operate' phase, with a focus on efficiency and performance, under DIN's guidance.

Seamless Transition

Guarantees a smooth handover of the operation, with knowledge transfer and best practices, ensuring clients are fully equipped to sustain success post-transfer.

Customer-Centric Excellence at DIN

At DIN, our customer-centric approach is evident in our statistics, demonstrating our commitment to quality, satisfaction, and customer experience.

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Benefit from our Expertise! Let our extensive experience boost your success. Contact DIN to leverage our tailored custom driven services.